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Red Mill Pond


Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration.  Section 506 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2000, as amended

Project Description:

The project site, which is a State of Indiana Nature Preserve, is a significant ecosystem that is recognized by many environmental groups.  The project includes preservation and restoration of aquatic and associated riparian habitat, and control of the spread of invasive aquatic species.  This was accomplished by stabilizing current water levels and hydrologic function, defragmenting the riparian corridor of the Little Calumet River, reducing invasive species, and introducing native aquatic species.  Construction features include removing a section of the dam at the emergency spillway, installing a control structure, creating a new stream channel, and planting native species. 


Total Project Cost:   $ 1,877,000
Federal Cost:   $ 1,220,050
Non-Federal Cost:   $ 656,950


Current Status:

Construction will be completed in September of 2011.  As of April 2011 planting is the only construction activity remaining.  The Local Sponsor will conduct one year  of monitoring as work in kind (wik) during September 2011 through September 2012.  Project was closed out in November 2012. 


The above video, recorded on October 26, 2011, shows salmon running upstream at Red Mill park under the new bridge and up the new stream channel. (Footage courtesy of LaPorte County Parks.)

Project Manager

Kirston Buczak