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Posted: 11/9/2017

Expiration date: 12/13/2017




               Illinois Urban Manual (IUM)

                          Standard Update                                 



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Corps of Engineers

Chicago District



IUM Standard NUMBERs:                        Tree & Forest Ecosystem Protection IUM #984, Tree Protection Augering, IUM # 991, Tree Protection, IUM # 990A (In moderately urbanized to open spaces, Tree Protection, IUM 990B ( In highly urbanized areas with existing Green and Gray Infrastructure conflicts).


COmment Period Begins:                        November 13, 2017

Comment Period Expires:                      December 13, 2017




The standards Tree & Forest Ecosystem Protection #994, Tree Protection-Augering,

#991, Tree Protection (In moderately urbanized to open spaces) # 990A, Tree Protection

 (In highly urbanized areas with existing Green and Gray Infrastructure conflicts).

The associated drawings are now being updated by the IUM Technical Review Committee (TRC). The TRC is comprised of representatives of various regulatory agencies, consultants, developers, and other stakeholders.  The Illinois Urban Manual is the primary technical manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in the State of Illinois, and is in the process of being updated as a result of advances in product development and associated operation and maintenance practices.


The Corps of Engineers and the IUM Technical Review Committee is requesting comments from erosion and sediment control professionals, developers, engineers, contractors, and all other interested parties on the enclosed attached standard.  The comments will be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee prior to the finalization of the IUM update. The approved standard will be incorporated into the Illinois Urban Manual immediately upon approval by the IUM Steering Committee and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.


Interested parties wishing to comment on the updated standard must do so in writing no later than December 13, 2017.  It is presumed that all parties receiving this notice will wish to respond to this public notice;  therefore, a lack of response will be interpreted as meaning that there is no objection to the "standard" as described.


All comments regarding the proposed standard must be submitted to the following person:


Rick McAndless

Illinois Urban Manuel Technical Review Committee Coordinator

North Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District

6640 Cosman Road

Elk Grove Village, IL 600007

Phone: (224) 875-7580


It should be noted that ALL comments received on this standard (via hard copy, or electronic) will only be accepted with the full name and address of the individual commenting


This public notice is not a paid advertisement and is for public information only.  Issuance of this notice does not imply Corps of Engineers endorsement of the standard as described.


If you have any questions regarding this public notice, please contact <st2:personname w:st="on">Kathy Chernich by telephone at (312) 846-5531, or email at 






Kathleen G. Chernich

Chief, East Section

Regulatory Branch






It is requested that this notice be conspicuously and continuously posted until December 13, 2017.



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