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Posted: 10/14/2014

Expiration date: 10/1/2016

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Chicago District, has updated a beta version of the Chicago Region Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) Calculator.  This FQA Calculator uses the most up-to-date nomenclature and wetland indicator status ratings of the National Wetland Plant List (NWPL) and includes all upland taxa found within the Chicago Region following Robert H. Mohlenbrock’s most recently published 2014 Vascular Flora of Illinois. The Chicago Region FQA Calculator integrates Swink & Wilhelm’s 1994 Plants of the Chicago Region nomenclature as synonyms to the NWPL allowing users to enter acronyms for either old or new plant names. This allows the user to create reports for inventory or transect assessments with the most up-to-date nomenclature and wetland indicator status ratings. In future versions, flora of the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin may also be added. Once a region is selected, their specific floristic information will be used to calculate metrics of the FQA.

Thanks to everyone who submitted comments to help make the Chicago Region FQA Calculator better. We've incorporated all comments received. Feel free to send any further comments you might have to Mr. Robbie Sliwinski. Once the FQA Calculator receives national certification through the USACE model certification process, we will post a final version on the USACE Chicago District’s website where it will be free for download and updated regularly.

Please send comments to:
Robbie Sliwinski

Botanist/Ecosystem Restoration, Chicago District
231 S. Lasalle St., Suite 1500

Chicago, Illinois 60604
Office: (312) 846-5486

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