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LRC-2017-089 - 12/15/2017: Proposal to impact 9.24 acres of wetland and waterways to construct commercial buildings and related appurtenances including parking lots, internal roads, and parking lots, semi-tractor trailer docking facilities and stormwater detention facilities south of Lorenzo Road and West of I-55 in Wilmington, Will County, Illinois.
Expiration date: 1/15/2018

LRC-2017-583 - 11/21/2017: Proposal to demolish the existing structure on the project site (the General Growth Building, formerly known as the Morton Salt Building) as part of redevelopment of the site. The Chicago District has determined that the proposed demolition of the General Growth Building constitutes an adverse effect under Section 106 of the Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act of 1974.
Expiration date: 12/14/2017

LRC-2017-5-ICA - 9/27/2017: Reissuance of the Interagency Coordination Agreement for Mitigation Banking 2017.
Expiration date: 11/1/2017

LRL-2016-00006 - 3/27/2017: Announcing Regional Conditions and Water Quality Certifications for Nationwide Permits in Indiana.
Expiration date: 3/18/2022

LRC-2017-6-NWP-IL - 3/22/2017: Final decision on the Revocation of Select Nationwide Permits within the State of Illinois.
Expiration date: 4/22/2017

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