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LRC-2015-50 - 3/4/2015: Proposal to continue dredge maintenance of Inland Harbor channel adjacent to Fox Lake. Approximately 45’ wide channel x 100’ long to be dredge to 14 feet in depth max. On Fox Lake (Chain of Lakes) at 38816 N. Broadway Avenue in Antioch, Lake County, Illinois (Section 35, Township 46 N, Range 9 E.)
Expiration date: 4/3/2015

LRC-2014-409 - 2/24/2015: Proposal to construct an inlet structure in the North Branch Chicago River and an outlet structure in the North Shore Channel as part of the Albany Park Stormwater Diversion Tunnel. The inlet structure is on the North Branch Chicago River north of Foster Avenue at Springfield Avenue (Eugene Field Park). The outlet structure is on the North Shore Channel south of Foster Avenue at Virginia Avenue (River Park). Both structures are in in the Chicago River Watershed of the City of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
Expiration date: 3/27/2015

LRC-2014-700 - 2/12/2015: Two Proposed Structures within the Chicago River for Access for Amphibious (Ducks) Tour Vehicles, Located at the Marina Towers west of State Street, and the second location is at Polk Street, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Expiration date: 3/16/2015

LRC-2014-913 - 2/12/2015: Proposed Installation of a New Railroad Main Line Track from Aurora to Sugar Grove, Kane County, Illinois
Expiration date: 3/19/2015

LRC-2015-03-IR - 2/2/2015: Withdrawal of an interpretive rule addressing the exemption from permitting provided under section 404(f)(1)(A) of the Clean Water Act.
Expiration date: 6/1/2015

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