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LRC-2014-3-PR - 4/18/2014: The USEPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are publishing for public comment a proposed rule defining the scope of waters protected under the Clean Water Act (CWA), in light of the U.S. Supreme Court cases in U.S. v. Riverside Bayview, Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (SWANCC), and Rapanos v. United States (Rapanos). The proposed rule was developed to enhance protection for the nation’s public health and aquatic resources, and increase CWA program predictability and consistency by increasing clarity as to the scope of “waters of the United States” protected under the Act.
Expiration date: 7/21/2014

LRC-2014-3-IR - 4/18/2014: The USEPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) are publishing a Notice of Availability and Public Comment to announce the availability of an interpretive rule regarding the applicability of the exemption from permitting provided under section 404(f)(1)(A) of the Clean Water Act (CWA) for discharges of dredged and/or fill material associated with certain agricultural conservation practices based on the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation practice standards that are designed and implemented to protect and enhance water quality. The interpretive rule was effective on April 03, 2014.
Expiration date: 6/5/2014

LRC-2014-3-NWPL - 4/14/2014: The National Wetland Plant List (NWPL) has been updated.
Expiration date: 12/31/2014

LRC-2013-656 - 4/1/2014: The Union Pacific Railroad Company is proposing to discharge fill material into approximately 2.31 acres of wetlands that are tributary to the Kankakee River and Mazon River to construct a railroad siding within the Tier 6 Segment of the Chicago to St. Louis High-Speed Rail Project corridor, located along existing tracks adjacent to Highway 53 at Route 129 near Braidwood, Will County, Illinois (Sections 3, 4, 8, 9 Township 32 North, Range 9 East, 3rd P.M.)
Expiration date: 4/30/2014

LRC-2013-176 - 3/26/2014: Proposed long-term maintenance dredging around two (2) water intake structures that serves an integrated steel plant near ArcelorMittal’s Burns Harbor facility, 250 West US Highway 12, Burns Harbor, Indiana. Specifically, the dredging will occur around the water intake structures located approximately 2,500 feet off of the shoreline of Lake Michigan and the disposal of the dredged sand will occur offshore of the Town of Ogden Dunes, approximately 2.5 miles west of the dredge site.
Expiration date: 4/25/2014

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