Interested in Doing Business with the Chicago District?

If you are not already registered, you need to start by registering in the System for Award Management (SAM) at We cannot award any business to an organization that is not registered under the contracting program. See the box labeled "Create User Account" for directions.

You can find information on available opportunities through the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Doing Business with USACE

Below is a list of links that AE or Contractors may find helpful in doing business with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District. 




LRC – Microstation Resource Files and Border (free) 

Zip file containing Microstation Resource files that will assist an AE or Contractor in preparing CADD Drawings for the Chicago District.



LRC – Microstation Assistance


Information for subcontracting out CADD work, hiring CADD operators, or purchasing CADD software and training.



LRC – As-built Guidance

Guidance for contractors developing As-builts for the Chicago District.



AEC CADD Standards (free)

All CADD drawings developed for the Chicago District shall follow AEC CADD Standards, unless otherwise noted in the scope of work or specification.   



SpecsIntact Software Download (free)

All specifications developed for the Chicago District shall be prepared using SpecsIntact and following the most current CSI numbering convention, unless otherwise noted in the scope of work.   From the above link SpecsIntact and the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) can be downloaded at no cost.  UFGS are technical specifications that are commonly used as the basis for developing specifications for projects at USACE.



LRC – Local Guide Specifications (free)


Specifications that are unique or reoccurring at LRC.  These specific sections should be used in conjunction with the UFGS.


MII Software (free)


MII is a detailed cost estimating software application.  All cost estimates developed for the Chicago District shall be prepared using MII, unless otherwise noted in the scope of work.  As of May 26, 2017, the current release is version 4.3; version 4.4 is undergoing approval.  If you would like a copy of MII, its libraries, and documentation, send an email to Web-CELRC-Cost-Engineering – please include your name, phone number, organization name & address, and project that you are currently working on for the Chicago District.



MII Cost Book ($)


The cost book is developed by RSMeans, and is opened using MII.  It contains estimates for Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Tasks, and the CSI Tasks constituent labor, materials, and equipment.  As of May 26, 2017, the current release is 2015; the 2016 release is undergoing approval.   The cost book is $1,800 per seat.   While not required, the cost book can aid in development of estimates for the Chicago District.