Guidelines for Preparing As-built Drawings


As-built Drawings are the amended "As-designed" drawings revised to show the project as the contractor built and constructed it.  The revisions from contractor markups and field inspection notes are transferred to the final as-built set of drawings.  The final as-built drawings include modifications during construction, field requested changes, shop drawing modifications, and contractor designs.  

This guidance will compliment the as-built subpart contained in  01.78.00. - Closeout Submittals.  The content contained in the specification for the project is the governing document, in the event there are any discrepancies presented in this web page.   The intent is to aid the contractor and resident engineer in the development of high-quality as-built drawings to show changes made to the project during construction.  As-built drawings are an official record of the project at the time of construction completion.  The original "as-designed" contract drawings and specifications are modified to show all additions, deletions and other changes made during construction.  Accurate as-built drawings are very important for project operation and maintenance, and future modifications, particularly for plumbing and electrical systems, which are hidden from view.

A record copy of this guidance has been published to a PDF.  The specification makes reference to the following document.  The contractor is expected to follow the published guidance with revision date listed in the specification. 

CELRC-As-Built Guidance.PDF (Revised 11-19-2014)