Chicago Local Guide Specifications

The USACE uses SpecsIntact for developing specifications.  The primary source of technical sections is the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS).  The Chicago District has customized sections unique and reoccurring to our region.  You may download all the local guide specifications in a zip file or download section files one at a time. To download a file from the table below, right click the link and select “save target as” from the context menu.  You will be prompted to identify a location on your computer or network to save the file.

All Chicago Local Master Guide Specifications (and attachments)  Last update: 5JAN2015

Specification Section Title, Form,  or Document Name

(right on link and select “save target as”)

Section Number or file name

Cover Sheet & Table of Contents

00_Cover Sheet & Table of Contents.doc

General Provisions

01 10 00

Summary of Work 01.11.00

Measurement and Payment

01 22 00

Project Schedule

01 32 01

Submittal Procedures

01 33 00

Submittal Register Instructions

01 33 00_ENG_FORM_4025

Governmental Safety Requirements

01 35 26

Sediment Sampling

01 35 45

USACE Quality Control

01 45 01.00

USACE Quality Control Systems (QCS)

01 45 01.10

Temporary Construction Facilities

01 52 02

Environmental  Protection for Illinois

01 57 20.01 03

Environmental  Protection for Indiana

01 57 20.02 03

Project Sign and Safety Sign

01 58 00

Project Sign and Safety Sign Graphics

01 58 00_Sign Graphics.pdf

Closeout Submittals 01.78.00

Geotextiles Used As Filters And Underlays

31 05 19.13 03

Rip-Rap For Erosion Control

31 37 16.00 03

Stone Materials

35 31 19.45 03

The following QA checklist must be used by the AE to minimize the number of comments on review sets prepared for USACE.    The QA check list only cover the general preparation of the specifications and do not cover the technical contents.

Quality Assurance Check List

Checklist for 100% BCOE review specifications

Checklist for certified final specifications

Checklist for as awarded certified final specifications

For additional questions on the specifications prepared for the Chicago District, please send an email to Web-CELRC-DesignCivil.