Officials mark construction start for Gary Glen Ryan sewer rehabilitation project

Published Sept. 26, 2012

On Sept. 26, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rep. Peter Visclosky (IN-1), and officials from Gary, Indiana, held a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of construction for the Glen Ryan sewer rehabilitation project.

The project will consist of rehabilitating the system with approximately 4500 linear feet of 12-inch cured-in-place pipe, 500 linear feet of 18-in cured-in-place pipe, 600 linear feet of 12-inch perforated high-density polyethylene, and associated 4 ft diameter perforated manholes and drainage catch basins. A French drain system will also be installed to collect runoff to alleviate ponding water in the street. This project also includes regrading a section of roadway by adding a new layer of surface asphalt that will drain runoff to an existing catch basin.

"The Glen Ryan sewer rehabilitation project is another significant symbol of Gary's inevitable turnaround," said Mayor Freeman-Wilson. "One project at a time, we will continue to forge these meaningful partnerships that yield tangible benefits for our residents."

"Infiltration into the sewer system here at Glen Ryan was causing some serious flooding and back-up problems in the community," Gary Sanitary District President Richard Comer said. "There were some very collaborative meetings with community people, Gary Sanitary District (GSD) and Congressman Peter Visclosky’s office to listen to and view the problem and try to find a solution. With Congressman Visclosky’s help in securing federal funds the project became a reality. The Glen Ryan community, GSD, and the City of Gary are extremely grateful to Congressman Visclosky and his staff for making this project possible."

"The Corps is proud to be a partner in this project that will improve drainage and reduce flooding within the Glen Ryan subdivision," Lt. Col. Frederic Drummond Jr. said. "The additional reliability of the storm sewer system will alleviate street and basement flooding and sewer backup problems for about 400 homes."

"This project serves as a perfect example of citizen involvement in action," Rep. Peter Visclosky said. "The commitment of Glen Ryan residents to the betterment of their neighborhood will now lead to infrastructure improvements that will create jobs, prevent flooding, and boost residents' quality of life. I thank the residents of Glen Ryan, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and the City of Gary, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers for their hard work to turn vision into reality."

On May 25, 2012, a construction contract was awarded to Fuel Tank Maintenance of Cookeville, Tenn.,

for $846,987. Construction activities will begin in September 2012. The local sponsor is the Gary Storm Water Management District.

Vanessa Villarreal

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