Officials mark construction end for Griffith sewer improvement project

Published April 21, 2014

CHICAGO – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rep. Peter Visclosky, and officials from Griffith, Ind. held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the end of construction for Griffith’s sewer improvement project April 21, 2014.

“Thank you to the town of Griffith and Congressman Visclosky for inviting us out here today to mark the end of the drainage improvement project here in Griffith,” District Engineer Col. Frederic A. Drummond Jr. said. “This project will help alleviate the storm water backup and overflow in about 40 homes.”

The purpose of this project, at the southern part of Griffith along Elm Street and Cline Avenue, is to allow for the separation of the sanitary and storm sewage systems, and alleviate the occasional storm water backup and overflow problems that affected the wastewater treatment plant. Work also included roadway reconstruction and the addition of curbs and gutters through the sewer improvement project area.

“The Town of Griffith is very appreciative of the funding Congressman Visclosky secured towards the completion of this project,” Griffith Council Member Stan Dobosz said. “This project will enable the town to continue our storm-water-conveyance-infrastructure upgrade, which, in turn, will continue to alleviate the town's flooding issues.”

“Infrastructure investment is a highly effective tool of job creation and projects such as this support our regional economy," said Rep. Visclosky. "This renovated system will alleviate storm water challenges experienced by the Town of Griffith and improve water quality throughout the region. This project will also support the community's effort to attract additional investments."

A contract was awarded to Gough Inc. June 29, 2012, for $842,338. The construction work started on the main roads winter 2012. Construction was completed July 26, 2013, within budget and on schedule.

Sarah Gross

Release no. 042114-001