Army Corps Ending Study on Bubbly Creek

Published June 19, 2015

Army Corps Ending Study on Bubbly Creek


CHICAGO – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced today that it will be ending its current efforts on the study of an ecosystem restoration project for Bubbly Creek. The study was done in partnership with the City of Chicago, Department of Planning and Development.

  In April 2015 the Army Corps released for public comment the “Bubbly Creek, South Branch of the Chicago River, Illinois, Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment.” The draft report provided a recommendation for an ecosystem restoration project for Bubbly Creek. One of the comments received from the public alerted the study team to remediation efforts at former manufactured gas plants adjacent to Bubbly Creek and the South Branch Chicago River waterways. Army Corps policy does not allow this project to continue due to the existing contamination.

  “The confirmation of the ongoing remediation activities near Bubbly Creek has led us to conclude that it is best to end the study effort at this time,” District Commander Christopher Drew said.

  The Army Corps of Engineers could reexamine the feasibility of ecosystem restoration at Bubbly Creek following the completion of remediation activities.  The data for the recommended ecosystem restoration contained in the draft report will be available to guide future study efforts.

  “We thank the members of the public who submitted information during the public comment period,” Drew said. “This is a clear reminder of the importance of public participation in the study process.”

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Release no. 15-007