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Burnham Park Coastal Restoration

AUTHORITY:  Section 102, RHA 1966, PL 89-789

DESCRIPTION:  This project is located in Chicago, Illinois off the eastern shoreline of Northerly Island.  This project would investigate the restoration of historic conditions by creating the structure for coastal reef and lagoon ecosystems.  Detailed investigation would determine if proper littoral hydraulics could be reestablished around the reefs to ensure functionality.  Investigation into restoring coastal habitat on top of the island reefs would be accomplished as well.  The project could benefit lacustrine fishes, migratory and coastal birds, and the state listed Mudpuppy.  Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) funds were used to initiate the reconnaissance report in FY 2012.

BENEFITS:  The preliminary goal of the project is to increase habitat heterogeneity of ~100-acres of lake sand flat and rubble mound revetment to provide support for improved local native fisheries and coastal floral and faunal communities.

CURRENT STATUS:  Project is in the reconnaissance phase. 

Project Manager

Kirston Buczak