Current Status

Construction carry-in funds are being used to equip the Barrier I southern electrode array, conduct equipment testing, and continue real estate acquisition activities.

O&M budget amount is being used to continue operation and maintenance of Barriers I and II, and maintenance of measures installed to prevent bypasses around the barriers during flood events.

O&M funded activities include oversight of the IIA enclosure project, site paving, system cooling upgrades, and installation of non-conductive fencing.

Project Description and Background

The Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (CSSC) is a man-made waterway that connects the Chicago and the Des Plaines Rivers forming an aquatic connection between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River basin. Dispersal barriers were constructed to generate an in-water electric field to prevent the spread of invasive fish species between these watersheds.

A demonstration dispersal barrier (Barrier I) has been operating since 2002. A more permanent dispersal barrier was constructed in two segments, Barriers IIA and IIB, which began full-time operation in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Construction of a more permanent Barrier I, which includes two new electrodes arrays and the original demonstration barrier with upgrades, is underway.

Project Authorization

Sec 3061, Water Resources Development Act of 2007

Project Manager

Nick Karnezis

Project Location

City of Romeoville, Will County, Illinois

Project Area / Photos


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