Cady Marsh Ditch

The Cady Marsh Drainage Ditch project is located in Griffith, Indiana. The project involves construction of a tunnel to divert flood water from the Cady Marsh Drainage Ditch located in the town of Griffith to provide regional flood control benefits.


Water Resources Development Act 1986 and 2002


The project consists of widening and deepening 1,290 feet of Cady Marsh Ditch; constructing 6,400 feet of 10 foot diameter pipe under Arbogast Avenue; and improving 1,300 feet of open channel that leads into the Little Calumet River.  It also consists of constructing an interior drainage system, which will include an upgrade of an existing pumping station and adding concrete culverts with flap gates.  Construction of the underground tunnel system caused the least amount of disturbances to existing utilities, roads and properties as compared to using the standard open cut construction technique and was less costly than the pipe-jacking alternative studied.


Total Project Cost:

  $ 31,600,000

Federal Cost:

  $ 23,673,600

Non-Federal Cost:

  $ 7,926,400


Tunnel contract completed. Genis Pump Station contract completed.  Channel and interior drainage improvements contract completed. Town of Griffith needs to identify two acres to implement a Wetland Mitigation Contract.

Project Manager

Imad N. Samara

Project Area

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