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Calumet Region Environmental Infrastructure


Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 1992, Section 219, as amended by WRDA 1996, Section 504 and WRDA 1999, Section 502, and FY04 Appropriation Bill, Section 145. WRDA 2007, Section 5075 authorizes credits for the planning and design work carried out by the non-Federal for the project before the date of the partnership agreement (PCA) and increases the total cost from $30,000,000 to $100,000,000.

Project Description:

This project provides technical planning, design and construction to non-federal interests who have environmental infrastructure needs in Benton, Jasper, Lake, Newton and Porter Counties, IN. These needs include development of wastewater treatment and related facilities and water supply, treatment and distribution facilities.


Total Project Cost:   $133,000,000
Federal Cost:   $100,000,000
Non-Federal Cost:   $33,000,000

Current Status:

Funds are being used to coordinate work activities for the following projects: Hammond storm 24" forcemain replacement; East Chicago pipelining; Gary Black Oak Phase 2 sewer improvement; Griffith system & sewer improvement; and Lake Station forcemain replacement.