US Army Corps of Engineers
Chicago District

Chicago Shoreline


Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 1996 and WRDA 1999


This project provides storm damage protection to the Lake Michigan shoreline and, in particular, to Lake Shore Drive, a major transportation artery in the City of Chicago. The existing shoreline structures, built in the early 1900s, have deteriorated and no longer function to protect against storms, flooding and erosion. Construction features of the project include: Reach 2 - steel sheet pile and concrete stair-step revetment from Wilson Avenue to Fullerton Ave; Reach 2F - beach nourishment with attached breakwater at Fullerton Ave; Reach 3 - steel sheet pile and concrete stair-step revetment at Solidarity Drive; Reach 4 - steel sheet pile and concrete stair-step revetment between 23rd and 57th Streets, with beach stabilization at 31st and 40th Streets; Reach 5 - reconstruction of the breakwater at the South Water Purification Plant.

The Fullerton Theater on the Lake segment was completed by the Corps in December 2015.  The two remaining segments, 45th to 51st Street (Morgan Shoals) and Promontory Point, will be completed by the City of Chicago and Chicago Park District.  Due to funding shortfalls, no schedule for completion is available at this time. 

Project Manager

Mike Padilla

Project Area

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