Deer Creek


Section 205 of Flood Control Act 1948 (Continuing Authority Program)


The Village of Ford Heights experiences overbank flooding from Deer Creek with 40% of the community’s residences damaged. The project includes construction of a 238 acre-foot reservoir, channel clearing, channel modifications, and ecosystem restoration.


Total Project Cost:

  $ 10,275,847

Federal Cost:

  $ 6,679,300

Non-Federal Cost:

  $ 3,596,547


A Feasibility Cost-Sharing Agreement was signed on July 23, 1997. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) was approved on January 7, 2002. The Project Cooperation Agreement was signed July 2002. Plans and Specifications were completed July 2003. Real estate acquisition by local sponsor was completed in Spring 2004. Construction contract was awarded in July 2004, however, due to a bid protest, construction was delayed to October 2004. Construction was completed on the basic Flood damage reduction portion in February 2006. Heavy rainstorms in March and April were handled by the system and damage was prevented. Due to cost overruns and sponsors cost share difficulties, construction activities were delayed several months in 2006 and 2007. Modifications to plans and specifications enabled the contractor to complete work and depart the site. Contract for ecosystem mitigation was awarded in 2011. Contract for flap gates to prevent backflow from Deer Creek into the village was awarded in 2012. Construction was completed in September 2014.