Project Sponsors

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, City of Des Plaines, Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Lake County Forest Preserve District and Kenosha County

Congressional Member Interest

SEN Durbin (IL)

SEN Duckworth (IL)

SEN Johnson (WI)

SEN Baldwin (WI)

REP Schneider (IL-10)

REP Schakowsky (IL-9)

REP Quigley (IL-5)

REP Steil (WI-1)

Additional Stakeholder Interest

Village of Schiller Park

City of Des Plaines

Village of River Grove

Village of Franklin Park

Current Status

Execution of the design agreement with Lake County Forest Preserve District (LCFPD) to begin design efforts on the Hastings Creek and Pollack Lake Wetland restoration project is scheduled for April 2023.

An economic update for the flood risk management project is underway and scheduled for completion by 31 March 2023.  Results of the analysis will be shared with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and used as the basis for negotiation of the design agreement for the Fullerton Woods Reservoir. A final report documenting the results of the analysis is scheduled for completion by 30 September 2023.

Project Description and Background

Project addresses overbank flooding and degraded ecosystems along 67 miles of the Upper Des Plaines River in southeast Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois.

Flood risk management elements include three floodwall/levee segments, two reservoirs and non-structural flood proofing, elevations, and buyouts for 377 structures reducing overall risk of flooding by 48% across the entire watershed and protecting more than 1,000 homes/businesses.

Aquatic ecosystem restoration elements include 7 sites totaling 6,859 acres of significant aquatic and riparian habitat across three counties that equate to a 32% increase in habitat across the entire watershed.

Project Authorization

Section 1401, Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016

Project Manager

Jeffrey Zuercher

Project Location

Kenosha County, Wisconsin; Lake and Cook Counties, Illinois

Project Area

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