Project Sponsors

Will County Executive Office

Current Status

The project will be implemented in three (3) stages.

Funds will be used to continue the non-structural measures (Flood Proofing and Elevation) of Stage 1, including design by an A/E contractor.  A contract to implement the floodproofing measures is scheduled for award by September 2023.  

Contracts for design of Stages 2 and 3 by an A/E contractor are scheduled for award in FY24. 

Project Description and Background

The DuPage River watershed has experienced rapid development over the past two decades and currently includes 40 communities with approximately a total of 900,000 residents. Major storm events occurred in the basin in 1996, 2008, 2009, and 2013, resulting in significant overbank flooding, major damage to residential and commercial structures, and impacts to key public facilities. A cost-shared feasibility study investigated overbank and backwater flooding along the DuPage River and its major tributaries. The feasibility report was approved in July 2019 and recommended three projects to be implemented under the Continuing Authorities Program: DuPage County Section 205, Lisle Section 205, and Will County Section 205 (non-structural). 

The non-structural work is within the communities of Shorewood, Plainfield, Bolingbrook in Will County. The plans include modifications of 33 structures including likely acquisition of 5 structures, elevation of 7 structures, and floodproofing of 21 structures. Consistent with USACE Planning Bulletin 2016-01, Clarification of Existing Policy for USACE Participation in Nonstructural Flood Risk Management and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Measures, acquisitions will be accomplished on a voluntary basis or eminent domain will be applied when needed. Additionally, costs for permanent relocation measures include the provision of relocation assistance under Public Law (P.L) 91-646. Measures such as dry floodproofing and elevations can be implemented with voluntary participation. 

Project Authorization

Section 205, Flood Control Act of 1948, as amended; Continuing Authorities Program (CAP)

Project Manager

Imad Samara

Project Location

Will County, Illinois

Project Area

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