US Army Corps of Engineers
Chicago District

Illinois Beach State Park, Zion


Section 204 authority, Beneficial Use of Dredged Material (WRDA 1992).   


This project is located along Lake Michigan in Lake County, Ill. The current study is investigating beneficial uses of sandy dredged material from the Waukegan Harbor Approach Channel for coastal restoration along the shoreline and nearshore zone of Illinois Beach State Park. The park contains the only significant natural coastline remaining in Illinois, supports 14 natural communities, and provides habitat for hundreds of plant and animal species.  Sediment starved conditions within Lake Michigan have led to severe shoreline erosion, which continues to threaten coastal communities within the study area.


The sandy dredged material would be utilized to repair littoral function, reduce beach erosion, and stabilize coastal communities along the Lake Michigan coastline of Illinois Beach State Park. The project would benefit nearshore fish habitat, migratory and resident bird habitat, and plant habitat along the beach and dune areas.


The feasibility report was approved in 2014, however it was determined that the non-model Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) submitted to HQUSACE was not in compliance with current policy.  Implementation guidance for recent Water Resources and Development Authorizations was recent issued, which is expected to allow PPA approval to move forward.