Current Status

A multi-year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract was awarded in November 2022 for the placement of up to 35,000 cubic yards of sand per year.

An operational research and development effort is planned to evaluate sand grain size in situ, evaluate its performance as measured by the length of time in place, and potentially identify suitable beach nourishment material that would last longer, or modify the hydrodynamic conditions impacting the shoreline to increase the sediment transport residence time of the placed sediment.

Project Description and Background

The movement of sand along the shoreline at Indiana Dunes National Park (IDNP) has been interrupted by the Michigan City harbor structures causing accelerated erosion of the beach and dunes west of these federal harbor structures. The project calls for placement of sand from an approved inland source along the shoreline as mitigation for the littoral drift losses and the resulting increased erosion caused by the harbor structures.

Project Authorization

Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 1986

Project Manager

Felecia Cummings

Project Location

Indiana Dunes National Park, Porter County, Indiana

Project Area / Photos

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