CAP 205 Small Flood Risk Management Joliet, Illinois


The authority for this study is Section 205 of Flood Control Act of 1948, as amended - Flood Control.   Projects implemented under this authority are formulated for structural or non-structural measures for flood damage reduction in accordance with current policies and procedures governing projects of the same type which are specifically authorized by Congress.


The study area is within the City of Joliet, Will County, Illinois.  The City of Joliet is bisected by the Des Plaines River.  The west side of Joliet is on relatively high ground.  The east side is low-lying.  In some areas, downtown Joliet is more than 15 feet below the 100-year (1% annual chance exceedance) flood elevation of the Des Plaines River. The area historically has been protected from flooding on the left descending bank of the river (east side) by a combination of the channel wall that is part of the lock and dam system and non-engineered embankments. This projects seeks to identify structural and non-structural measures to reduce flood risk associated with the Des Plaines River overbank flooding. In addition, it will identify measures to improve community awareness of flood risk and the ability to respond to flood emergencies.


Project Partnership Agreement was signed on November 6, 2020. Feasibility Phase is underway. Feasibility Phase completion is scheduled for Summer 2022


Project Manager

Imad Samara

Project Area

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