Lake Michigan Interceptor, Highland Park, IL


Section 14 of the 1946 Flood Control Act, as amended (Continuing Authority Program)


Sand and soil protecting approximately 800 feet of the 42-inch sanitary sewer interceptor and appurtenant structures located along the Lake Michigan shoreline have been severely eroded away due to continual storm and wave action. This sewer services a part of the city of Highland Park and has a capacity of 13.8 million gallons per day (MGD). The line is located within the double row of steel sheet pile, seen in the accompanying photos. The project consists of protecting the sanitary sewer interceptor by placing coastal protection lakeward of the structure. Backfilling with sand landward of the sewer line will also be completed in order to restore design integrity. The general location of the repair segment is northeast of the Sheridan Rd. and Cedar Ave. intersection and north of Rosewood Beach in Highland Park, IL.


Total Project Cost:

  $ 2,500,000

Federal Cost:

  $ 1,500,000

Non-Federal Cost:

  $ 1,000,000


After the policy waiver to construct the Locally Preferred Plan (LPP) was disapproved in FY14, the sponsor worked with adjacent property owners on cost sharing an LPP, and is moving forward with design and regulatory permit application, in order to initiate construction. The Section 14 study is being closed out.

Project Manager

Monica Ott

Project Area

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