Lake Station, IN Section 219

The proposed project would reline 7,600 linear feet of existing deteriorated sanitary sewer lines within the City of Lake Station in Lake County, Indiana. Sanitary sewer system construction improvements would alleviate the commonly occurring leakage and cases of sewer backup affecting a number of residential and commercial areas within the city.


The study was authorized under Section 219 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1992, as amended by Section 504 WRDA of 1996, Section 502 WRDA of 1999, Section 145 of the Energy and Water Appropriations Act of 2004, and Section 5075 WRDA of 2007. Section 219 (F)(12) Calumet Region allows the Army Corps of Engineers to provide planning, design, and construction assistance for water-related environmental infrastructure projects.


The project areas lie approximately 2 to 3 miles south of Lake Michigan, at S1/2 of Sec 7, T 36N &R 7W of the 2nd principal meridian, and is shown on the Gary (Indiana) USGS 7.5" topographic quadrangle map.

Project Manager

Imad Samara