Project Sponsors

Village of Lansing and City of Calumet City

Current Status

The project partnership agreement was executed in October 2022.

Work on plans and specifications is underway and scheduled for completion in 4QFY23.

Due to limited space between property lines and the existing channel, significant real estate acquisition will be required by both communities to implement structural solutions.  Real estate requirements will be fully defined in FY24. Acquisition by the non-federal sponsors will take approximately 18 months.

Project Description and Background

The approved proposed project recommends repair of the existing structure to USACE levee standards by removal of large woody debris, re-grading the side slopes, repair of eroded areas, replacement of sheet pile wall, pump station upgrades, and reestablishing the crest to the original plan elevation.


Project Authorization

Section 205, Flood Control Act of 1948, as amended Continuing Authorities Program (CAP)

Project Manager

Imad Samara

Project Location

Village of Lansing and City of Calumet City, IL

Project Area / Photos

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