Lansing Calumet City


Section 205, Flood Control Act of 1948 (P.L. 80‐858), as amended.


This study has been initiated to investigate measures that can address flood risks in the Village of Lansing, Illinois and the City of Calumet City, Illinois. While existing non‐Federal levee systems on both banks of the Little Calumet River provide some level of protection for the communities adjacent to the river, there have been instances of flooding within the leveed areas since the levee systems were constructed in the 1980's.

Both the Lansing Levee and Calumet City Levee systems have been inspected by USACE Chicago District through previous Planning Assistance to States and Non‐Federal Inventory and Review (I&R) study efforts. The Non‐Federal I&R reports for Lansing and Calumet City were completed in September 2018, and the condition assessments for both levee systems were documented as ‘Unacceptable’ according to the criteria established through the National Levee Safety Program. A rating of ‘Unacceptable’ indicates that maintenance is required to ensure that the levees can perform as designed during a flood event.

Project alternatives evaluated in this study include non-structural alternatives and rehabilitation of the existing levees to the original design elevation of the levee system.


Estimated Total Project Cost:

 $ 15,576,000

Federal Cost:

 $ 9,013,000

Non-Federal Cost:

 $ 6,563,000


Current Status:  

The Detailed Final Project Report and Integrated Environmental Assessment, is being developed now that the public and agency reviews are completed. The report is projected to be approved by the USACE Chicago District Commander in November 2021. Once the report is approved, the Chicago District will initiate the Design and Implementation (D&I) Phase by starting the Project Partnership Agreement coordination with Calumet City and the Village of Lansing.