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Little Calumet River - Flood Control & Recreation

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Welcome to the Chicago District's web site for the Little Calumet River Flood Control and Recreation Project. The project includes flood control and recreation benefits along the Little Calumet River in Northwest Indiana. This project will provide a 200-year level of flood protection. Congress authorized the Little Calumet River project in the 1986 Water Resources Development Act. The project was authorized "... In accordance with plan 3A contained in the Report of the District Engineer, dated July 2, 1984." The authorized project consists of replacing and expanding existing levees and floodwalls, rehabilitation of existing pump stations, a flow control structure, nonstructural floodproofing, and a flood warning system for flood damage reduction and recreation features. The Local Cooperation Agreement (LCA) with the nonfederal sponsor, the Little Calumet River Basin Development Commission (LCRBDC), was executed on August 16, 1990.This project will protect more than 9,500 homes and businesses in Gary, Griffith, Hammond, Highland and Munster, preventing nearly $11 million in average annual flood damage.  

Construction began in 1990 and the flood protection features were completed in 2017. The entire project will be complete by 2024.


This project is authorized for flood control and recreation which includes constructing 22 miles of levees and floodwalls, installing a control structure at Hart Ditch, building almost 17 miles of hiking trails, and preserving over 550 acres of wetland. The project also involves relocating seven miles of river channel to allow better water flow, modifying highway bridges to permit unobstructed flow of water, and installing a flood warning system. The project will protect more than 9,500 homes and businesses in Gary, Griffith, Hammond, Highland and Munster, preventing nearly $11 million in average annual flood damage.


Total Project Cost:

$ 270,000,000

Federal Cost:

$ 203,000,000

Non-Federal Cost:

$ 67,000,000


The project is currently in the construction phase. Approximately 90 percent of the total project is complete. The project is divided into two sections: the east reach, which is mainly in Gary, Ind., extends from Cline Avenue to I-65; the west reach extends from the Illinois/Indiana state line to Cline Avenue.

The construction of the project is divided into eight geographical stages, totaling over 39 construction contracts. To date, 31 of the contracts have been awarded and completed, including four contracts for demolition of structures, 20 levee contracts, a recreation contract on the east reach, one project wetland mitigation contract, and two landscaping contracts. In addition, four pump station contracts were completed to rehabilitate existing pump stations in Hammond, Munster and Highland along the river.

Construction of all the levees and floodwalls along the Little Calumet River have been completed from I-65 to the Illinois/Indiana state line.

Construction is currently underway for Hobart Marsh Mitigation contract. The In-project mitigation contract located in Gary, Ind., was awarded in September 2017.

Project Manager

Natalie Mills