Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve

The Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve is located in Will County near the village of Lockport, Illinois. The site is 365 acres, and the majority of it is wetlands. A change in the surface and groundwater hydrology in terms of the water quantity and quality (chemistry) has adversely impacted several threatened and endangered species. Lockport Prairie supports numerous rare and uncommon plant and animal species. Nearly 400 native plant species have been identified at Lockport Prairie, and at least nine of those are identified as threatened or endangered species.


Section 206, Water Resources Development Act 1996, as amended (Continuing Authority, Section)


The proposed ecosystem restoration project will restore approximately 300 acres of wetlands at the Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve. Alternative measures onsite and offsite that will be considered to restore the surface and groundwater hydrology include but are not limited to: additional culverts under Division Street; additional culverts under the railroad line; installation of subsurface drainage structures; modification of nearby wells; modification of existing culverts; and implementation of invasive species control measures.


Total Project Cost:


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Plans and specifications were completed, and the construction contract (base and initial options) was awarded in December 2017. Construction work on the five-year restoration contract will continue through the fall of 2022.