Project Sponsors

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC)

Current Status

Carryover funds will be used for continued fiscal close out of the Stage 1 project and administration and oversight of the sponsor’s construction of Stage 2 under Section 1043.

Construction activities will continue until Stage 2 of the reservoir is completed in 2029.

Stage 1 project close out activities will continue through 2023 and be completed in 2024. 

Project Description and Background

The McCook Reservoir significantly reduces overland and basement flooding, protecting 146,600 structures. It also improves the quality of area waterways by significantly reducing untreated sewage back flow into Lake Michigan and by storing combined sewer overflow during floods before releasing the waters to the Stickney wastewater treatment plant.

The project involves construction of a 10-billion-gallon reservoir divided into two stages. The reservoir is being constructed in the non-federal sponsor’s existing solids processing lagoons site. Major components include distribution and main tunnels; dewatering pumps; gates; valves; hydraulic structures; aquifer protection; and an aeration system.

The project sponsor is constructing the remaining components of Stage 2 of the reservoir under Section 1043 of WRRDA 2014. 

Project Authorization

Sec 3(a)(5) of the Water Resources Development Act of 1988, as amended and Sec 1043, Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014

Project Manager

Gabriela Jasovic

Project Location

Village of Willow Springs, Cook County, Illinois

Project Area / Photos

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