Morton Arboretum


Section 206, Water Resources Development Act 1996, as amended (Continuing Authority Program)

Project Description:

The Morton Arboretum project site is in Lisle, Ill., on the DuPage River East Branch (DREB). The project aims to improve fish and other aquatic habitat, while addressing streambank erosion. Project features include adding boulders and woody structures to the river, grading the banks back to a more natural slope, stabilizing graded banks with native vegetation, and removing and replacing exotic vegetation in the floodplain with native vegetation.



Total shared cost: $5,311,267 

Federal share: $3,452,323

Nonfederal share: $1,858,943

Current Status:

The construction contract was awarded on July 31, 2015. The completed project was officially turned over to the nonfederal sponsor, Morton Arboretum, for routine inspection and maintenance on April 29, 2021. Post-construction monitoring of the project features will continue through 2025.


Project Documents:

Feasibility Report Finding of No SIgnificant Impact (FONSI) - Appendix G

Design Documentation Report




Project Manager

Nicole Toth

Project Area

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