US Army Corps of Engineers
Chicago District

Nippersink Creek


Section 206, Water Resources Development Act 1996, as amended (Continuing Authority Program)

Project Description:

The goal of this project is to restore the natural features of Nippersink Creek and its adjacent
natural area. The objectives of this project include 1) restoring stream hydrology, hydraulics
and natural habitat, 2) restoring native emergent wetland communities, 3) restoring native wet/mesic prairie communities.

Project Cost:

Nonfederal (35%): $3,073,114

Federal (65%): $5,807,213

Total: $8,880,327

Current Status:

A construction contract was awarded on September 30, 2014 for $4,497,720. The required completion date is October 9, 2019.

Key construction activities include bank grading and installation of cobble riffles to reestablish floodplain hydrology, selective clearing of invasive/non-native trees and shrubs, and seeding and planting of about 500 acres of native vegetation.

Project Manager

Nicole Roach