Project Sponsors

Glencoe Park District, Foss Park District in North Chicago, Lake Bluff Park District and City of Evanston

Current Status

The project is currently on hold pending the Non-Federal Sponsors’ sampling and analysis of sediment from the Waukegan Harbor approach channel in spring 2023. The sponsors requested the delay to better characterize the material proposed for placement on public beaches in response to public concerns. Once sampling and analysis are complete, the sponsors will undertake a public involvement effort to share the results before executing the project partnership agreement (PPA).

Project Description and Background

The pilot project proposal builds upon existing partnerships between the Chicago District, Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), coastal communities, and other stakeholders that were developed through participation in the Illinois Sand Management Working group. In 2017, non-federal entities from this coalition submitted a letter of intent to the Chicago District to beneficially use dredged material from the Waukegan Harbor approach channel to protect and restore six public parks and beaches. The project employs innovative applications to beneficially use dredged material from Waukegan Harbor for ecosystem restoration, shore protection and recreation purposes. Measures include dredging and sand transport, onshore sand placement, native plantings, and beach monitoring. 

This pilot project intends to demonstrate what beneficial use of dredged material looks like for western Lake Michigan communities, how well it works, and how much it costs.  From the federal perspective, this application will allow USACE to better understand the costs, develop standard plans and specifications, and streamline the contracting process for broad application, potentially decreasing uncertainty, and costs in the future.

Project Authorization

Sec 1122, Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016

Project Manager

Mike Nguyen

Project Location

  •  Sunset Park Beach, Lake Bluff, IL
  •  Foss Park, North Chicago, IL
  •  Glencoe Beach, Glencoe, IL
  •  Dog, Greenwood, and Lee St Beaches, Evanston, IL

Project Area / Photos


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