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Paul Douglas Woods


Section 206, WRDA 1996, as amended (Continuing Authority Program)

Project Description:

The Paul Douglas Forest Preserve is approximately 1,300 acres and is owned and managed by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. The preserve contains a number of degraded wetlands that were part of a continuous lowland basin along what is now known as the East Branch of Poplar Creek. The wetlands have been greatly altered on site to enhance agricultural activities. Ditches have been cut in some wetland units to facilitate drainage, and nearly all the wetlands have been tile drained. Siltation from farming activities further disrupted the wetlands. This project will provide ecosystem restoration for the project area.


Total Project Cost:   $ 7,357,000
Federal Cost:   $ 4,899,550
Non-Federal Cost:   $ 2,638,450

Current Status:

Project on hold pending additional project funding.

Project Manager

Nichole Roach