Lake Michigan Waterfront, Portage Park


Section125 of the Energy and Water Development Appropriation Act, 2006 (P.L. 109-163). 


Section 125 authorizes USACE to carry out a continuing program for the restoration of the Lake Michigan Waterfront and related Areas in Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana. The program goals include ecosystem restoration and/or management of contaminants for ecological or economic purposes for sites along or that impact the waterfront in these counties.  Projects are justified by evaluating benefits related to ecosystem restoration, the clean- up of contaminants, public health, safety, economic benefits, or any combination of these types of benefits.

The Portage Lakefront Park project was completed under this authority. The project area was previously occupied by a series of land uses ranging from agricultural to industrial. The project converted the area into a mixture of native ecosystems. First invasive and aggressive woody species were cleared to improve natural forested areas, herbaceous invasive species were eradicated throughout the site, and 20 acres along Burns Ditch Waterway were re-graded. Then the entire site was seeded with a mixture of local native wildflowers, grasses, and sedges, and planted with native plugs, trees, and shrubs. Invasive species management and plant establishment continued for three years after seeding and planting was done. A trail system was installed to provide access throughout the project area.


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The project is fully completed.

Project Manager

Chuck Shea

Project Area


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