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Lake Michigan Waterfront, Portage Park


Section125 of the Energy and Water Development Appropriation Act, 2006 (P.L. 109-163). 


The study area is part of the Lake Michigan coastline and is located in northwestern Indiana in Porter County. The proposed restoration project is south of the Lake Michigan shoreline, north of I-94, west of State Route 249, and east of the Town of Ogden Dunes.  

The feasibility study investigated issues of altered hydrology and hydraulics, native plant community diversity and structure, invasive species, connectivity, rare wetland communities, and native species richness. Project benefits expected include riparian vegetation restoration, increases in- stream habitat, reestablishment of stream hydraulics, and the restoration of ridge and swale topography with wetland, prairie, and savanna plant communities within the coastal zone of Lake Michigan.


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It is now in final closeout. Background - a five-year construction contract started in September 2014 to restore 65 acres. The contractor, Encap Inc., selectively cleared invasive and aggressive woody species through 39 acres to improve the natural forested areas, treated invasive herbaceous species throughout the entire, and re-graded 20 acres along the Burns Ditch Waterway. In 2016 the entire site was seeded with a mixture of local native wildflowers, grasses and sedges; and planted with native plugs, trees, and shrubs.  Invasive species management and plant establishment continued until fall of 2019.

Project Manager

Chuck Shea

Project Area

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