Ravine 8 Highland Park


Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration, (Section 506, WRDA 2000)


This project is located in Highland Park, Ill. The current study is investigating the restoration of 5 acres of ravine and defragmenting the stream so Lake Michigan fishes can use it for spring spawning and juvenile nursery habitat.


Restoration will stabilize coastal communities, and restore historical native plant communities along Lake Michigan, nearshore fish habitat, and migratory and resident bird habitat.  Increased connectivity by removing obstructions or providing passage will enhance communities of aquatic species, especially fish.


The Determination of Federal Interest (DFI) was approved in September 2012. The feasibility phase was initiated in October 2012. Work on the Detailed Project Report (DPR) started in October 2012 and was approved in December 2013. A five-year construction contract was awarded in September 2015.