Santiago Creek

Welcome to the Chicago District's web site for the Santiago Creek Project. 

AUTHORITY: WRDA 1986, P.L. 99-662


After the successful partnership between the Los Angeles District and Chicago District for the award winning Westminster Flood Risk Management Study, Chicago District is now partnering with LA District to develop a Design Documentation Report (DDR) for the Santiago Creek component of the Santa Ana River Mainstem (SARM) megaproject.  The purpose of the Santiago Creek project is to reduce flood risks for the community within the lower Santiago Creek floodplain.  The congressionally authorized design objective is to contain the 1% annual chance exceedance (1% ACE) flows of lower Santiago Creek within the channel and reservoir area. The DRR will advance previous designs for the project presented in the General Design Memorandum Phase II (USACE, 1988). The updated design will reflect changes to the project area since the 1988 design and will incorporate modernized engineering design processes. This updated DDR is necessary for cost refinement and project decision making by the Corps’ Headquarters Change Control Board (CCB) and it will be used to guide a future detailed design for the Plans and Specifications (P&S) phase. 

BENEFITS: No separate benefits are calculated for the Santiago Creek component of the Santa Ana River Mainstem Project.  


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STATUS: The Project Delivery Team completed the 35% draft DDR in July 2021. The 65% draft DDR is scheduled to be completed in January 2022.  The final DDR will be submitted in September 2022.


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