Sheboygan Harbor, WI


Rivers & Harbors Act of 2 Mar 1907


This project was authorized as a commercial harbor, but currently serves primarily recreational boat traffic.  This project maintains depths of  25 feet in the entrance channel, 21 feet in the inner harbor channel and turning basin up to the 8th Street Bridge, and 15 feet upstream of the 8th Street Bridge.  More than 6,300 feet of structures are maintained through this project, including approximately 4,000 feet of maintained channel. the breakwater and pier structures.


Due to funding restrictions, the south breakwater repair will be awarded in two phases.  Phase One consists of half of the breakwater towards the lake and was awarded to Architectural Consulting Group (ACG), Chicago in December 2019.  Construction started in the spring of 2020 and will be completed in 2021. Phase Two, the half of the breakwater towards land, is currently be designed and will be advertised in August 2020.

Questions can be directed to the Public Affairs Office at (312) 846-5330, email at

Project Manager

Mike Nguyen