Project Sponsors

Shirley Heinze Land Trust

Current Status

A feasibility study is underway and scheduled for completion by September 2023.

Potential measures that will be evaluated in the feasibility study include removal of debris from the channel and riparian zone, bank grading, construction of channel structures, invasive plant species control, and native species planting. Alternatives will be developed from various combinations of the potential project measures.

Project Description and Background

The Shirley Heinze Land Trust has asked the Corps to initiate a wetland habitat restoration project under Section 125 on several parcels they own along the East Branch Little Calumet River within and immediately bordering Chesterton.

A Federal Interest Determination was successfully completed in 2021.

Project Authorization

Section 125, Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act (PL 109-103), 2005.

Project Manager

Bridget Bentley

Project Location

Town of Chesterton and Westchester Township, Porter, Indiana

Project Area / Photos

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