Project Sponsors

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)

Current Status

The feasibility study is scheduled for completion this fiscal year by the Detroit District.

Upon completion of the study, this project will transition to the Chicago District for implementation, beginning with execution of the project partnership agreement (PPA).

Project Description and Background

The study area is located between N. Mayfair Rd to the intersection at N. 124th Street and Underwood Creek, in the City of Wauwatosa.

The project consists of the removal of concrete lining in the creek and widening the channel is areas. The goal is to allow fish passage to the spawning habitat upstream returning the entire Creek to a more natural state.

Project Authorization

Great Lakes Fishery & Ecosystem Restoration (Section 506, WRDA 2000), as amended

Project Manager

Bridget Bentley

Project Location

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Project Area / Photos

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