Project Sponsors

States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Congressional Member Interest

SEN Schumer (NY), SEN Durbin (IL), SEN Portman (OH), SEN Stabenow (MI), SEN Baldwin (WI), SEN Casey (PA), SEN Duckworth (IL), SEN Brown (OH), SEN Gillibrand (NY), SEN Klobuchar (MN), SEN Peters (MI), SEN Smith (MN), REP Kaptur (OH-09), REP Dingell (MI-12), REP Duffy (WI-07), REP Fudge (OH-11), REP Gibbs (OH-07), REP Higgins (NY-26), REP Huizinga (MI-02), REP Joyce (OH-14), REP Kelly (PA-03), REP Kildee (MI-05), REP Moore (WI-04), REP Quigley (IL-05), REP Renacci (OH-16), REP Slaughter (NY-25), and REP Upton (MI-06)

Additional Stakeholder Interest

NOAA, USGS, FEMA, USEPA, Great Lakes Commission

Current Status

Development of the Project Management Plan in conjunction with the eight (8) Great Lakes states is underway.

Study scoping is anticipated to be complete Spring 2023 with approval of the Project Management Plan.

GLRI funding provided to identify the range of future conditions under various climate change scenarios including water levels, waves, and ice conditions to be used in assessing vulnerabilities and enabling resilient design.

Project Description and Background

The study will assess coastal resources over a range of future conditions and develop a watershed plan to support the management of Great Lakes coastal resources, and the identification, selection, and prioritization of resilient coastal investments. Without an integrated plan that identifies vulnerable areas and identifies measures to improve resilience, federal, state, and local jurisdictions will continue to utilize a piecemeal approach that is both inefficient and limited in effectiveness.

This watershed study will integrate and build upon substantial efforts and regional partnerships funded through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) and other federal and state programs, increasing returns on existing investments.

Project Authorization

Sec 729, Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1986, as directed by Sec 1219, WRDA 2018 and Sec 211, WRDA 2020

Project Manager

Michael Padilla

Project Location

5,200 miles of shoreline across eight states (IL, IN, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA, WI)

Project Area / Photos

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