The Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Study (GLCRS) is envisioned as a collaborative effort by the eight Great Lakes states, Corps of Engineers, NOAA, USGS, FEMA, and USEPA to improve the resiliency of the Great Lakes coastline. To protect the immense economic, environmental and social value of the Great Lakes shoreline, this study would identify areas vulnerable to conditions that contribute to hydrologic uncertainty. The study would recommend measures to bolster the coastline’s ability to withstand, recover from, and adapt to future lake level conditions and increased storm severity. Without such a study, federal, state, and local agencies would continue to address coastal vulnerabilities through a piecemeal approach and would lack the necessary information to support effective, efficient management decisions.

Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Study

Video by Kyler Davis
Meet our Team: Chicago Lock Operators
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District
Nov. 5, 2021 | 1:11
Meet two of our best and brightest Chicago Lock operators: Richard Munoz Jr., and Richard Detert. Discover more about their careers, interesting facts about the Chicago Lock, and what USACE has done for them and their careers.