Current Status

Upper and Lower Appleton Dam Gate, walkways, and trunnion replacements are scheduled through November 2023. Contract for Menasha Dam wall repair will be awarded in August 2023.  Plans and Specifications for Upper Appleton Wall repair will be complete in July 2023.

Additional minor maintenance projects include De Pere West Walkway installation, Little Kaukauna gate and trunnion installation, Kaukauna right abutment repairs, De Pere right embankment repairs.

Project Description and Background

The Fox River extends approximately 40 miles from Lake Winnebago to Green Bay. The project includes 9 dams and 17 locks . These features are maintained for flood control, water supply, and power generation.

The water control plan for the project requires periodic updating to ensure current conditions and stakeholder needs are reflected.

Project Authorization

Flood Control Act of 1938

Project Manager

David Dunn

Project Location

Fox River, Wisconsin

Project Area / Photos

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