Green Bay Harbor

Green Bay Harbor, Wisconsin is located at mouth of the Fox River, at head of Green Bay, about 180 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, via Sturgeon Bay Harbor and the lake Michigan Canal, and about 49 miles southwest of Menominee Harbor, Michigan & Wisconsin. It was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of June 23, 1866; July 13, 1892; June 26, 1910; August 8, 1917; March 3, 1925; August 30, 1935; August 26, 1937; March 2, 1945; and, October 23, 1962; and by the Water Resources Development Act of November 17, 1986.  The existing project provides for dredging an entrance channel in Green Bay 26 feet deep for a distance of about 11.5 miles from that point in the bay to Grassy Island at widths of 500 feet to Tail Point Light then 300 feet to Grassy Island; an entrance channel and a river channel 24 feet deep and 300 feet wide from Grassy Island to a point about 0.5 mile upstream from the mouth of the Fox River; then a Fox River Channel, 24 feet deep at varying widths to a point 1,700 feet from the C&NW Railway Bridge, then 18 feet deep and 150 feet wide to the city of De Pere; and three turning basins, the first 24 feet deep at the mouth of the East River, the second 20 feet deep above the C&NW Railway Bridge, and the third 18 feet deep at De Pere. There are numerous wharves along the harbor area for handling coal, petroleum products, cement, limestone, general cargo, including overseas cargo, and other miscellaneous cargo.