Current Status

Design for the repair of the breakwater at various sections of the structure is underway.  A construction contract is scheduled for award by January 2024.

Plans and specifications are under development to dredge 30,000-40,000 cubic yards at the entrance channel to an authorized depth of 28 feet.  Contract award is scheduled for May 2024.

Regular O&M repairs are made annually by the floating plant.


Project Description and Background

Commercial harbor with project depths of 30 feet in the approach, 28 feet in the entrance channel, 27 feet in a major portion of the south basin, and 21 feet in the north basin. Over 21,000 feet of structures including breakwaters, piers, and revetments.

Breakwater repairs are required; deterioration of the timber and loss of fill stone created holes in the structure allowing waves and sediment to flow through the structure into the navigation channel.

30,000-40,000 CY are dredged on a 3-to-4-year basis

Project Authorization

Rivers & Harbors Acts of 1852, 1883, 1907, 1922, 1935, 1945, 1960.

Project Manager

Cody Johnson

Project Location

Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Project Area / Photos

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