Milwaukee Harbor

Milwaukee Harbor, Wisconsin is located on the west shore of Lake Michigan about 85 miles north of Chicago, Illinois, and about 83 miles west of Grand Haven, Michigan. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of August 30, 1852; March 3, 1883; March 2, 1907; September 22, 1922; August 30, 1935; and, March 2, 1945; July 14, 1960. The existing project provides for breakwaters enclosing a 1200-acre basin; two piers protecting the river mouth; an approach channel with a 30-foot depth and 300 to 800 feet wide; an entrance channel 28 feet deep to the landward end of the piers, with a 27-foot depth in a major portion of the south basin, and a depth of 21 feet in the north basin. The project also provides for river channels with depths of 27 feet in the Kinnickinnic and Milwaukee Rivers, lakeward of the first railway bridges on each river, a depth of 21 feet on the Menominee River to 25th Street, the South Menominee Canal to 13th Street, and Burnham Canal to 11th Street. The project serves numerous municipal and private wharves used for handling coal, grain, building materials, cement, petroleum products, and other miscellaneous commodities.