Port Washington Harbor

Port Washington Harbor, Wisconsin is located on the west shore of Lake Michigan, about 53 miles south of Manitowoc and about 29 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of July 11, 1870; August 14, 1876; August 30, 1935; July 3, 1958. The existing project provides for an outer stilling basin enclosed by a converging north breakwater and shore connection 2,537 feet long; a 456-foot long extension of a privately owned rubblemound and coal wharf on the south; a turning basin 21 feet deep and 750 feet wide in the stilling basin; an entrance channel 21 feet deep and about 2,500 feet long through the south side of the stilling basin to the west and north interior basins which have been dredged to an 18-foot depth. The project serves a coal wharf and a petroleum tank farm.