Sturgeon Bay Harbor and Lake Michigan Ship Canal

The Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan Ship Canal, Wisconsin is located on the west shore of Lake Michigan about 52 miles northeast of Green Bay and about 128 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of March 3, 1873; July 13, 1892; June 13, 1902; August 30, 1935; and, March 2, 1945. The existing project provides for an outer basin formed by two breakwaters; a revetted canal; and entrance channel 23 feet deep from Lake Michigan to 800 feet west of the east entrance to the canal; a channel 22 feet deep through the revetted canal and Sturgeon Bay, to Sherwood Point, a total length of about 8.6 miles; and a tuning basin 20 feet deep at the city of Sturgeon Bay. As a connecting canal and waterway, the project serves terminal facilities in the City of Sturgeon Bay. These facilities consist of wharves for handling coal, petroleum products and other miscellaneous commodities. Two major shipyards are located at Sturgeon Bay.