Current Status

Available funds will be used to develop plans and specifications for dredging the channel.  Current sediment backlog within the federal channel is 151k cubic yards.

Loss of available depth within the center half width of the channel ranges from 2 ft to greater than 4 ft throughout.

Assessment of dredged material placement is underway in conjunction with the Manitowoc Dredged Material Management Plan effort.  Sediment sampling, characterization, and analysis in support of future channel maintenance is also ongoing.  All three interrelated activities began in 2022.

Project Description and Background

Authorized as a deep draft commercial harbor, but the primary use is recreational. Project depth is 18 feet in the entrance channel and inner basin and 10 feet in the East Twin River.

Project consists of 3,695 linear feet of timber crib, steel sheet- pile and rubble mound encapsulated piers and revetments and approximately 6,000 feet of maintained federal channel.

This project serves as an important harbor of refuge and supports charter fishing and recreational navigation interests. The local community has established significant infrastructure around the harbor facilities that generates income from harbor users and visitors to the area.

The dredged material from the lower portions of the harbor is placed on the beach as nourishment. The inner harbor material needs to be placed in an upland placement site.

Maintenance dredging of approximately 40,000 cubic yards of material is required on a 5-year cycle. Dredging was last completed in 2020.

Project Authorization

Rivers and Harbors Acts of 1871, 1907, 1935, and 1958

Project Manager

Kristine Meyer

Project Location

City of Two Rivers, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Project Area / Photos

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