Current Status

Available funds will be used to complete North Breakwater repairs by contract, develop design and award a contract for dredging in FY2024, and perform real estate activities required to manage out grants, real estate holdings, agreements, and rights of entry.

Project Description and Background

Serves as a deep draft commercial harbor. Project depth is 22 feet in the Lake Michigan harbor approach and 18 feet in the channel.

Approximately 6,051 feet of timber crib, steel sheet pile, or concrete caisson breakwater structures, plus 1,076 feet of steel pile revetments. Federal channel length is 1.35 miles.

This is a low use harbor and a harbor of refuge.   This harbor is critical to the local boating industry for the City of Waukegan and Waukegan Port District.

Project Authorization

Rivers and Harbors Acts of 1880, 1882, 1902, 1945, 1965, and 1970

Project Manager

Mike Nguyen

Project Location

City of Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois

Project Area / Photos

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