Dam Information

Type: Earth Fill
Maximum Height: 140 Feet
Length: 8,000 Feet
Drainage area above dam: 809 square miles


Operating Levels:

  Elevation (feet mean sea level) Area (Acres) Length (Miles)
Winter Pool 712 1,280 11
Summer Pool 737 3,180 20
Flood Pool 779 12,830 31


Current Status

Planned activities include operation of facility and maintenance of dam and lake infrastructure.

There is a contract underway to complete repairs to the dam’s cathodic protection system.

Project Description and Background

Mississinewa Lake Dam is an earthen embankment dam built to impound the Mississinewa River for flood risk reduction. It provides flood protection to the Wabash River valley, supplies water to the area’s communities, improves the Wabash River’s water flow conditions, and offers a habitat for various species of fish and wildlife.

The 3,180-acre lake is used for recreation including fishing, boating, and swimming.

Project Authorization

 Flood Control Act of 1958

Project Manager

Bridget Bentley

Project Location

Peru, Indiana; Miami, Wabash, and Grant Counties, Indiana

Project Area / Photos

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