Dam Information

Type: Earth Fill
Maximum Height: 133 Feet
Length: 6,100 Feet
Drainage area above dam: 553 square miles


Operating Levels:

  Elevation (feet mean sea level) Area (Acres) Length (Miles)
Winter Pool 730 868 11
Summer Pool 755 2,665 17
Flood Pool 793 9,340 30


Current Status

Funds will be used for operation of facility and maintenance of dam and lake infrastructure, including ongoing retreat channel maintenance and cathodic protection system repairs.

There is a contract underway to complete repairs to the dam’s cathodic protection system.

In FY2023, design will be completed for a new project office, pole building, and bank stabilization.

Project Description and Background

Salamonie Lake provides flood protection to the Wabash River valley. During the fall and winter months, when excessive rainfall is likely, the lake is kept at a relatively low level referred to as winter pool. Should heavy rains occur, surface water runoff is stored in the lake until swollen streams and rivers below the dam have receded and can handle the release of the stored water without damage to lives or property.

Project Authorization

 Flood Control Act of 1958

Project Manager

Bridget Bentley

Project Location

Lagro, Indiana; Wabash and Huntington Counties, Indiana

Project Area / Photos

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