RIBITS is an Internet-based tracking system that allows U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts to monitor wetland mitigation banking, developed by the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center. Mitigation banking is the restoration, creation, enhancement, or preservation of wetlands to compensate for unavoidable wetland losses in advance of development actions. Banking typically involves the consolidation of small, fragmented wetland mitigation projects into one large contiguous site. Units of restored, created, enhanced or preserved wetlands are expressed as "credits" which may subsequently be withdrawn to offset "debits" incurred at a project development site.

Click Here to Access RIBITS

Instructions on using RIBITS:

To navigate through the system, you will NOT need to log in. Go to the lower panel marked "Access" and set the Filter to "Chicago". Move to the upper panel marked "Navigation" and click on "Reporting". Once you get to this page, click on "Approved Active Mitigation Banks by District". This will give you the list of all active banks in Chicago along with the amount of credit available. You can also look at mitigation banks individually, by hitting the "Existing Banks" link on the Navigation Panel.

If your browser is having issues with certificates for RIBITS, here are instructions for importing the DoD CA PKI root certificate authorities certificates into Internet Explorer.